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“ Wellness has been rooted in history for centuries.
It reflects ancestral traditions and heritage of knowing how to live together and a balanced lifestyle. ”


ⓜ Wellness Group was born from a passion that has become, over time, an authentic vocation in the field of well-being, with a total of more than 30 years of international expertise and 15 years in Morocco... This capital of expertise and control makes our group a known and recognized leader in well-being in Morocco. Based on a global desire to develop, administer, manage and propose concepts and turnkey solutions in the world of well-being, ⓜ Wellness Group undeniably positions itself as an expert in wellness.


At the beginning of its rise, the group was the pioneer of high-end fitness centres in Morocco.
It is in these highly relaxing places, arranged with a strong sense of architectural aesthetics and up to date technological equipment, that the ⓜ Wellness Centers welcomed their very first brand 15 years ago, through the internationally renowned Clubmoving franchise.
In perfect harmony with the era of change, since the 2000s, the ⓜWellness Group has been able to consolidate its positioning by integrating several complementary businesses, through the creation of new franchises dedicated to well-being and it’s many avant-garde sectors.


A passion for sport, a concern for well-being as a whole and constant monitoring of new trends are the reasons for our interest in the world of Wellness.
A growing interest that culminated in the implementation of operational structures and several renowned franchises that gave birth to ⓜ Wellness Centers.
In its quest for excellence, both in terms of our human resources and the infrastructures and services we offer, ⓜ Wellness Group is now positioned as the exclusive operator of high-end wellness.
In addition, our group is characterized by its multi-functionality, in other words, we are Operators, Franchisors, Solution Experts, Management Experts, four professions that we master, and in this expertise, our vocation would be to advise, support, develop and implement solutions adapted to the development of the Wellness market.

Younes Raiss

Mohammed Raiss


Well-being has become today the most remarkable manifestation of the art of living together in modern society. This need for a better daily life places Wellness at the heart of a market that delivers high quality, a need that is increasingly evident in today's world, which is witnessing changes in consumption habits and attitudes of populations towards health and well-being.
The transformation of manners, linked to the need to live better on a daily basis, places Wellness at the heart of a high-performance market in terms of the productive quality of innovative sectors that generate excellence and the development of each of us, in a fast-moving world, which consumer habits and people's behavior in terms of health and well-being are changing.




With a view to structuring our diverse activities and specific programs, our expertise covers a wide range of appropriate offers and concepts, for the constant expansion, in both value-added and efficiency terms, of our partners' plans and projects


In a structuring and dynamic conception, our ethical and professional values are called Synergie, Relevance and Willingness to provide permanent support to our partners and to go as far as possible with them...


Evolving in a constantly changing world, the ⓜ Wellness Group is always innovating to better live it, through operational structures, quality services and a constant commitment to the success of our partners' actions and projects.


Anticipating the expectations of the public who are thirsty for novelty, implementing attractive, fun and beneficial activities for the health and development of everyone, while at the same time pursuing a perspective of progress, innovation and efficiency with solutions from wellness experts, these are the key benchmarks for the rise of ⓜWellness Group in the sparkling and magical firmament of Wellness.

Creativity, Excellence, and Relevance are the driving forces behind this synergistic and exclusive approach.

By embracing new trends in a growing and expanding market, and by offering Win-Win partnership approaches to all investors, the group confirms its strategic positioning as an operator that interacts with its customers and partners and as a pioneering player specializing in wellness.

In order to further improve and consolidate its activities and future plans, the group makes available to any investment organization the managerial expertise, advice, and support for the projects of its partners, 2GI by Syr Holding.

In this way, ⓜWellness Group is marking out a booming international market. Its opening places Africa and the Middle East as the first destinations.

Conceptually, ⓜAcademy and the objectives of training qualified personnel in wellness professions, as well as the forthcoming establishment of an authorised Foundation in the Wellness Studies and Research and Development segment, are the two main focuses of the group’s future actions, in Morocco and internationally, always with the dual objective of exclusivity and performance in the spotlight.


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